What Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods means for Big Data

Many people in my business peer group have asked me to comment on the Amazon/Whole Foods deal. I think it is a brilliant move! Amazon is one of the most forward thinking companies, pioneering direct to consumer, cloud computing, AI and innovative distribution. They have better insights on us, as consumers, because of their reach into our buying preferences and media viewing (Washington Post). Database marketing has always valued reported data. They will be able to mine this preference data and recommend shopping options and a superior customer experience. Leverage the Prime model, and you will be seeing scores of delivery vehicles offering delivery. I have two Whole Foods 10 minutes from my house. This will appeal to the time challenged, dual income households that are at its core. If I am Walmart, Target or any other chain, the game has been changed radically. A clear shot has been shot across the bow. - by Richard Birt

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