Speed of Light Project Management

Having observed the habits of our latest two generational tribes, I have come to understand that they value speed of communication over thoroughness.  This has created new core values around teaming and communication environments, which is now being reflected in numerous new brands and companies. 

Instantaneous social media, interaction and content, such as Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram, has fueled this revolution of speed in the consumer mind.  It has literally taken just a decade for Snapchat to replace Facebook in the minds of tweens, teens and Gen M.  I see this daily as my generation still communicates, but these younger segments wane with FB postings.  People are moving on.

While this is receiving a lot of attention on the consumer side, I love how this is spilling over to the B to B side.  We are entering into a new era of project management, lead by Asana and Slack.  Email is rapidly becoming a dinosaur, and in its place are new communication and task management platforms to better organize and communicate in real time.  I think the two companies above may be the replacements, based on early momentum. Both have garnered hundreds of thousands of users.

Big Data has tremendous needs for real time communication.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, 90% of what most data scientists do is build, cleanse, and deploy the data.  This involves many minute yet complex tasks.  Asana is perfect for this environment, offering wonderful task management, project organization, and priority escalation.  What is equally interesting to me, is the rapid communication platform that is Slack.  Slack provides a central location for quick updates on a project, without impacting the strategic framework managed by Asana.  It may be the best tactical platform for organizing the mundane.  Both technologies, which are complimentary, will accelerate the development cycles.

Because we have created a class of consumer more in tune with IM, communication linked to personalization will also soon evolve.   The coming Internet of Things and Smart Mobile Marketing should take notice of this coming trend.  It will impact message delivery platforms and creative messaging.

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